MITIM toolset

Welcome to the MITIM (MIT Integrated Modeling) toolset, an open-source resource developed by the MFE-IM team for plasma modeling applications. Our toolset reflects a commitment to open-access and collaborative development in the field of fusion research. The MITIM toolset is available in our public repository, offering practical tools and modeling workflows for anyone interested in advancing their work in fusion plasma physics, particularly in core transport research.

Explore our Public GitHub repository at to access the toolset, and for comprehensive guidance and documentation, visit our Read-The-Docs page at These resources are designed to support your research and development in fusion plasma physics, providing a platform for learning, innovation, and collaboration. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher or new to the field, the MITIM toolset is a valuable resource to facilitate your work in this dynamic and critical area of science.

Publications that have benefited from the use of MITIM: